Su Yi stopped and turned back to look at her strangely. “Really?”

Was he ill or something!? Tang Doudou didn’t know how many times this question had emerged in her heart.

Su Yi seemed to realize that his reaction was unusual as well and he hastily corrected himself. “What I mean is, did you come to the City Lord Residence just to check out the liveliness? It wasn’t for some other motive?”

“You think I have that much free time? Why would I insist on running all the way over here just to check out the liveliness?” Tang Doudou snapped back.

“Then what did you come for?” asked Su Yi curiously.

“None of your business!” Tang Doudou gave a humph, then said, “Are you leaving or not?”

“Not leaving after all.” Su Yi shook out the creases in his robe. After he smoothed out the wrinkles, he pointed towards a corner of the garden and said, “There are several of your old friends over there. Come with me to go sit with them.”